Introducing the ECAP321- the patented VENT CAP that fits 1 1/2″, 2″ & 3″ pvc pipes designed to improve air flow and eliminate excessive moisture and debris that rust or ruin high-efficiency gas furnaces, tankless hot water tanks and clog plumbing, or other PVC-vented installations. The e-cap is the most intelligent vent cap ever, fully protecting equipment from moisture, dirt, debris & other obstructions. In addition to protection, performance and durability, the e-cap provides an aesthetically improvement over unsightly elbows. The exclusive design allows it to be utilized on both intake and exhaust pipes. Once installed, the E-CAP provides 28% to 78% greater air volume than a conventional flue pipe.

The E-Cap is also ideal for protecting your plumbing vent pipes from birds, squirrels, roof rats and leaves that clog and prevent your plumbing from draining properly.